Wrapping up a week long live-streaming event

Today marks the end of our first live-streaming marathon.
For those who missed it, in the last 5 days - every day of the week - members of the community showcased how to build amazing automation and use-cases built with PixieBrix.
The videos were hosted by Anders Jensen, an expert in the RPA and automation space - thank you Anders for partnering with us!

It’s been a very productive week for all of us, connecting with viewers during the live-stream and on our Slack community afterwards. In this thread let’s recap some of the best moments.

Monday with Todd

Watch it here: Intro to PixieBrix (Low-code extension to customize and automate your web tools) - YouTube

Todd started the week by introducing PixieBrix and showed off some amazing use-cases

  • How to cross-reference OpenTable and Yelp with PixieBrix
  • Apartment search with Google maps
  • Sending messages from your browser directly to Slack
  • Augmenting your browsing experience with data in a side-panel

Tuesday with Orlando

Watch it here: How To Auto-fill on Github using PixieBrix Templates (Live Tutorial) - YouTube

I, Orlando, built some PixieBrix extensions on Github, Wikipedia, and Hackernews.

  • Automatically fill forms using a modal and conditionals on Github (or any site with forms) mostly using Set Inputs and Modal forms
  • Highlight certain keywords on Hackernews (or any forum/webpage) using the Highlight brick
  • Scraping data from HTML tables and exporting it in CSV files (we used Wikipedia for this example) using the Extract Table Data and Export to CSV bricks

Wednesday with Brittany

Watch it here: How To Automate Trello With PixieBrix (Live Build with Brittany) - YouTube

Brittany is always building amazing tools with Trello (and more platform if you watch on our YouTube channel!) - her demos of how to use PixieBrix was superb and very detailed-oriented.
Specifically, she’s shown us how to:

  • Log notes from any webpage directly on Trello (but also applicable to other Kanban boards) using the Context-menu and Send to Trello bricks
  • Augmenting websites: adding buttons that perform any actions you want, such as sending data to Slack automatically

Thursday with Andrei

Watch it here: How to work with OCR and APIs in PixieBrix (Live Build) - YouTube

Andrei took a super cool use-case to the live-stream. Translating a text from a language to another with one click…and to make it more complicated, the text was actually an image.
Not a small feat and definitely possible with PixieBrix’s superpowers.

  • In his live-stream you can learn how to use PixieBrix and work with APIs, multi-extension blueprints, setting shared page state, building forms and side-bar documents!

Friday with Henrik

Watch it here: Interactive Pannels in PixieBrix (Live Build) - YouTube

Henrik heard of PixieBrix on a podcast and loved the idea. In his live-stream session he showed us how he created some interactive panels that show the progress of the projects he works on - at a glance.

  • Mixing Jquery selectors, Regex extractor bricks and API request Henrik was able to automate a big task of his daily routine

Big shout out to Anders and Stine for hosting the live-stream all week, we hope everyone had tons of fun and learned something new

If you have question come join and chat with us on our Slack workspace for PixieBrix Developers and RPA/automation enthusiasts: http://slack.pixiebrix.com/

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