Welcome to PixieBrix

For any website or SaaS app you use, the business model is built around vendor lock-in.

This means the most popular tools have little incentive to improve; if the user experience deteriorates, you’re still stuck with it.

At PixieBrix, we believe more control should be with the end user, and that users should have the power to customize any web interface to create the perfect user experience.

To solve this, we’re focused on a layer of the stack that sits in front of sites and apps - the web browser. We’re developing a browser extension builder that lets anyone customize any website or SaaS app by adding custom actions, fields, information panes, and more.

We’re open source, and we welcome anyone who’s interested in contributing or coming along for the ride. Thanks for your support, and for keeping this forum productive, safe, and inclusive.

Wow! This is such a great post. I am thrilled by this exact mission and want to bring this mindset of automation and understanding to the different small business owners I work with. For too long has technology been seen as hard to use and understand - and from that has brought a lot of monoliths and people feeling confused and unempowered in their interactions with technology.

I’d really like to be able to use this tool to build a timeline interface. Is there a way I could hire someone to help me plug this into a graphing tool and integrate with some information from certain websites - like Hubspot, LinkedIn, etc. I’ll throw all those ideas over in the features column though :slight_smile:

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