# Weekly Roundup March Week #4

Every week we’ll share community-driven news and articles that were shared in the last 7 days as well as any major announcements from PixieBrix. If there is anything we missed feel free to add it in as a reply below!

PixieBrix Updates

PixieBrix 1.5.8 has been released to the Chrome Extension store, introducing our brand new Blueprints page - amazing new feature led by @misha :

Featured Content

A couple of weeks ago we shared a tutorial on how to scrape data from AirBNB and to create a list of interesting properties/venues in a spreadsheet. Well that tutorial was awesome, so we made a nice article out of it and we featured it on our blog! Give it a read if you’re interested about data scraping on PixieBrix!

PixieBrix Tutorial of the week

The tutorial of the week shows you how to create a kudos bot in Slack. Kudos is basically a cool term to say “props” or “thumb ups”. With this bot you can give kudos to co-workers, from any browser tab. You can also configure the kudos bot in the tutorial and you can customize the message before sending it out. This is a really impressive use-case to integrate your day to day with Slack and make something nice, creative and inclusive.


This week’s live stream was a live-build. A live-build around socialmedia sharing and YouTube!

We were joined by our friend Brittany who live-build a PixieBrix extension to share a status update on Twitter and LinkedIn by pressing a button on YouTube.

PixieBrix Updates

Last, but not least - we welcome @johnny to our team, his work will be key in helping us achieve a lot of new and current engineering projects - read more about Johnny on his welcome thread in our community forums!

Thank you for reading and keeping up to date with PixieBrix!

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