Weekly Roundup - March #3

Every week we’ll share community-driven news and articles that were shared in the last 7 days as well as any major announcements from PixieBrix. If there is anything we missed feel free to add it in as a reply below!

PixieBrix Updates

PixieBrix Event

We want to announce that we’ve launched a hackathon this last Monday and sign-ups are open:
We would love to meet you and we would love to get to know you. We also LOVE PixieBrix so we decided the best way to achieve this is to run a fun event - our minds came together and we decided to organize our first online, distributed, 1-month-long hackathon!

Featured Content

Most of us are familiar with browsers and use them daily however they are also an amazing tool to get us distracted. In this article we explore ways to significantly boost your productivity. We share some tips and tricks on how to remove distractions and remain productive

PixieBrix Tutorial of the week

The tutorial of the week shows you how to create a YouTube sidebar. YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world and is used by millions of people every day. We love using YouTube and use it all the time. In this tutorial we are creating an extension which allows you to quickly bookmark videos that you find interesting so that you can share them with others; learn how to build this sidebar by following the link below

Thanks for reading and until next time!

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