Weekly Roundup - March #2!

Every week we’ll share community-driven news and articles that were shared in the last 7 days as well as any major announcements from PixieBrix. If there is anything we missed feel free to add it in as a reply below!

PixieBrix Updates

Featured Content

Twitter Keyword Muter

Brittany came up with a way to use PixieBrix on Twitter. She built an extension that lets you mute keywords in a jiffy, without having to remember the text, and clumsily navigate the twitter settings to find the mute section. Smooth! Full blogpost and tutorial linked in our blog.


This week we did our first live stream. We invited a member of our community Levi and explored some ways he leverages PixieBrix to create workflows that help him get work done faster.

One cool fact he mentioned during the event: Using PixieBrix allows him to save ~2 hours of work a day by reducing the amount of repetitive tasks he needs to execute!