Weekly Roundup! (First edition)

Every week, we’ll share updates, anything upcoming, community-created content, and anything else we think you might find interesting. If we missed anything, feel free to add a comment or post it in the PixieBrix Slack Community.

An Intro :wave:

First of all, I want to introduce myself, as you’ll see my face and name around here a lot more often. I’m Brittany Joiner, and I have been using PixieBrix for about a year to automate all sorts of things. I joined the team full-time last week as Head of Developer Relations, and I’m super excited to show you all what we’ve got going on, connect with more folks who enjoy building in PixieBrix and build some cool stuff together.

If you need anything, feel free to DM me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or say hello in the PixieBrix Slack Community!


  • :tada: Released 1.17.17 - major update includes changes that will now stay in your page editor, even if you forget to save! You’ll also see clickable links under brick configuration instructions. Read more updates in our release notes.
  • :newspaper: Revamped the PixieBrix newsletter! All users should be receiving newsletter updates, so if you didn’t get one this week, let us know, and we’ll make sure you’re on the list!
  • We just launched our User Research Panel! Be first to see what’s coming and influence the future of PixieBrix. Join the User Research Panel here.

On The Blog

Marketplace Listings Created/Updated

Marketplace listings are blueprints you can activate and start using immediately - no building required!

Check out existing blueprints in the marketplace for inspiration on what to build and activate in PixieBrix.

Tutorials Created/Updated

Follow along and build these blueprints from scratch to get more experience building in PixieBrix and learn what’s happening under the hood. We’re here to help if you get stuck! Just reach out in the PixieBrix Slack Community.

PixieTip: Forking a Blueprint

Been using a blueprint and want to tinker and customize it? You can easily fork or copy to create your own by selecting the three dots and then “Make a copy.”