Weekly Roundup April Week #1

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Every week we’ll share community-driven news and articles that were shared in the last 7 days as well as any major announcements from PixieBrix. If there is anything we missed feel free to add it in as a reply below!

PixieBrix Updates

Featured Content

Translating text on the web is a common practice and the process of using Google Translate to figure out what a website in another language says is common. It happens multiple times a week, for some folks multiple times a day. If you’re like us, we want to find a solution and build it with PixieBrix.

No need to navigate to additional websites, no need to install other Chrome extensions: @britt_joiner has taken on the task of building a way with PixieBrix to translate text on the fly by highlighting the text and getting the translation in a jiffy. Read, learn or download the full extension in the featured content

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PixieBrix Tutorial of the week

This week’s tutorial introduces a fresh new brick and an intro to the Quickbar! The topic of the tutorial is also automating posting to social media. PixieBrix can gather your social media blurbs and then automatically help you post them to one (or more in the future) channels

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Hackathon submissions

We got a couple of fresh Hackathon submission this week by our community members - check out this one by Todd - the use case is incredible - being able to add #collaboration to Gmail threads and sync with Slack. Tutorial on this one coming up shortly!

Keep sending your submissions on Slack - we love seeing them!

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