[Weekly Round-Up] March 9: The One With The New Marketplace

:tada: Product Updates

We’re improving the PixieBrix Marketplace, starting with updated styling and cleaning up cards.

What’s the marketplace? Our marketplace is great for discovering ways to use PixieBrix to quickly search for info, scrape data, or send information between tools. Search for your use case, or click around to get inspiration!

While in the marketplace, you should activate a mod! The process is easier than ever now as you can activate directly from a sidebar in the marketplace; no need to juggle multiple tabs!


:new: New in the Marketplace


PixieBrix running a bit slow for you? Head to the Extension Console and go to your settings. Click the blue Clear Local Logs button to clear up some space and help things run faster!

:earth_americas: Around the Low/No Code Web

:radio: Stay Tuned

  • We thought we’d have 1.7.20 to you by now, but we’re releasing some changes with Google Sheet integrations to make it even easier, and there have been some roadblocks—but don’t worry, we’re whack-a-moling all the bugs and hope to have this shipped to you soon!