[Weekly Round-Up] March 16: The One With 1-Click Wonders

:tada: Product Updates

  • 1.7.20 Released!
    • :sparkles: @input.url refers to the current URL rather than the one from the initial page load
    • :sparkles: Improved error messages
    • :sparkles: GA of unknown variable analysis in Page Editor
    • :bug: Fixed bug that threw network error if you have thousands of bots in your AA Control Room
    • :brick: Jquery Selector Reader brick renamed to Extract from Page
    • :brick: Configure Google Sheet integration in the Page Editor
    • :brick: Pass variable of Tab Name in Google Sheets in Page Editor

:new: New in the Marketplace

  • New tags in the marketplace! Discover mods that are built just for you in the marketplace. You can filter by persona, use case, or most popular tools.

  • You can even filter by what we call 1-Click Wonders! These mods are ready to activate with a single click; no configuration is required!

  • :robot: Show Alert When Keyword Appears On Page
    Detect a keyword from a Google Sheet and show an alert
    :magic_wand: Activate

  • :robot: Censor Keywords Appearing On A Page
    Detect a keyword and censor it, sourced from Google Sheet
    :magic_wand: Activate

  • :robot: Detect Off Brand Word in Zendesk
    Detect typing of an off-brand keyword in Zendesk and get an alert in your browser
    :magic_wand: Activate

:closed_book: New tutorial just dropped!

Learn how to build in PixieBrix with OpenAI in this tutorial.

Ask AI To Generate a LinkedIn Connection Request

Users who are willing to record themselves going through the tutorial, or hop on a call as they do it will get a gift card to say thanks! If you’re intersted, send me an email at brittany@pixiebrix.com or DM me in the PixieBrix Slack Community!


To see what you can access from the input, click Preview on the data panel (the furthest panel to the right in the Page Editor) and view all the options you can access just by triggering a mod!

:earth_americas: Around the Low/No Code Web