[Weekly Round-Up] Mar 2: The One With Airtable

:tada: Product Updates

  • Have you seen PixieBrix running faster? We’ve improved the database and solved some issues with lagging and Page Editor delaying to create new blueprints.

  • If you notice a new brick around, it’s an old friend with a new name. The Jquery Selector Reader brick has been renamed Extract from page.

  • Mod marketplace got a makeover! :nail_care: What do you think?

  • When was the last time you activated a mod? When you activate a mod, you can now do so via the sidebar. No more multiple tabs—try it out with some of the new mods!

:new: New in the Marketplace

Airtable everywhere!

Customer Success/BPO Mods


When you’re not sure what brick you need for a mod, check the categories on the left side. Think about the action that you’re trying to accomplish, and pick a category that most closely represents that. You’ll see all the bricks that fit that category.


Learn More About PixieBrix/Featured Tutorials/Docs

:radio: Stay Tuned

  • Planning for the 1.7.20 release next week! :tada:
  • We will be doing some user testing of tutorials we’ve developed to get feedback and make sure they’re clear as day! If you’re a beginning with PixieBrix and would be willing to record yourself going through a tutorial, join the User Research Panel and we’ll be sending out details soon.