[Weekly Round-Up] Feb 24th, 2023: The One With Sidebar Activations

:tada: Product Updates

  • 1.7.19 was released this week! Read the Release Notes to get the full scoop, but I think the real highlight is the ability to activate a mod from the sidebar in the marketplace. Just like this…

You no longer have to leave the page when you click Activate on a marketplace listing. Configuration options are available in the sidebar, and you can activate the mod by clicking the purple button at the bottom!

Same experience if you’re inside a marketplace listing—rather than toggling between a tab with the “how to activate” instructions and the actual activation, you can see the instructions with the options right next to each other!


:new: New in the Marketplace

  • Ask OpenAI on Google
    Query ChatGPT and Google at the same time.
    :magic_wand: Activate
  • Send LI Profile Google Sheet
    Highlight a name to scrape their LinkedIn profile and send the data to a Google Sheet
    :magic_wand: Activate
  • Search a Person In Pipedrive
    Highlight a name or email to open a sidebar showing results from Pipedrive.
    :magic_wand: Activate
  • View Company Directory In Sidebar
    Define a company directory in Google Sheets. Search it from anywhere and pull up the results in context with PixieBrix
    :magic_wand: Activate
  • View Glassdoor Info on LinkedIn
    Add a button to LinkedIn company pages that display Glassdoor info
  • Send an email from LinkedIn profile
    Add a button to a profile on LinkedIn that finds user’s email and adds a button to send an email
    :magic_wand: Activate

Speaking of the marketplace, checkout the new makeover it got this week!


By default, your active mods will show as a list, but you can change the view by selecting the tile in the top right of your Extension Console to display your mods as a grid view! You can also sort by last updated , status, name, or source!


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