[Weekly Round Up] Feb 17th : The One With “Mods”

Welcome to this week’s community roundup!

:tada: Product Updates

  • Sign in to PixieBrix with magic links :magic_wand: (Not just Google or Microsoft—sign in with your email to start building and activate mods!)

  • If you’ve ever wondered what the heck to call the thing you build in PixieBrix, don’t worry—we heard your feedback! Calling it a blueprint is a bit confusing when it’s an action and not a template, and calling it an extension is also confusing because PixieBrix is a Chrome extension. Moving forward, we’re going to call it a …


    A mod is several bricks combined to create a modification that enhances a webpage or automates something in your browser.

    Here’s how you might use it in a sentence:

    • “I just built a mod with PixieBrix!”
    • “Check out my mod that makes me coffee in the morning.” (We wish.)
    • “How do I activate this mod?”
    • “You can view similar mods in our mod marketplace.”
    • “Wanna check out my mod this weekend?” (Okay, maybe you won’t be saying this.)

    We’re actively changing it out in the docs, tutorials, marketplace listings, blogs, the product, and everywhere else, but there’s a chance you’ll see blueprint or even extension creep up in a few places. If you see any still out in the wild, let us know and we’ll update!

:new: Added to the Marketplace

  • :gift: Giphy Search —> Activate
    Search GIPHY from Quick Bar and pick your gif from the Sidebar
  • :sos: Search ZenDesk Help —> Activate
    Search Zendesk Help from Quick Bar and return the results in the Sidebar
  • :mag: Search Workday Blog —> Activate
    Search the Workday Blog from the Quick Bar
  • :fish: Annual Phishing Training —> Activate
    Display a phishing training video and quiz over Gmail


For most Trello mods, you’ll need to set a boardId or a listId when activating. It’s not clear how to find that, as it doesn’t announce itself clearly on your board.

To find those IDs, you’ll need to add .json to the end of your board URL. Feeling intimidated by the garbled text that just flashed across your screen? Don’t worry—our Trello Integration docs explain precisely what you need to do!

Check out the docs for details on setting up your Trello integration and the difference between board and list Ids.

Learn more about PixieBrix…

:earth_americas: Around the Low/No Code/Productivity Web

:radio: Stay Tuned/Coming Soon

  • Coming soon :soon: you’ll be able to activate marketplace listings from the sidebar without opening a new tab.
  • Join me on Tuesday as I’ll join Shreya Gupta on her live stream! We’ll talk about PixieBrix and how developers can use existing mods or build new ones to make their lives easier! Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and we’ll share a link when we’re live!