[Weekly Round Up] Feb 10th : The One With Trello

:tada: Product Updates

  • Fixed marketplace bug with Jira and Trello icons showing squares

  • Fixed issue with bricks having incorrect context

:new: New in the Marketplace

:bulb: PixieTip: Team Deployments

You have two options when getting your team to use a blueprint together. You can ask them to activate it and cross your fingers that they set up the blueprint options and integrations. Or you can set the options and integrations and deploy them to your team without configuration on their part.

That seems more straightforward, right? :wink: Learn how to use Team Deployments.

:earth_asia: Around the No/Low Code Web

:radio: Stay Tuned

  • Release 1.7.19 is coming soon! (Some WIP features coming soon: Performance improvements , progress indicators for bricks while you wait, and new Tour brick!)

  • We’re doing an internal Hackathon today where we’ll be building cool blueprints to make our lives easier at PixieBrix. Don’t worry - we’ll be happy to show you what we built in case you want to use them as well!

Have something to share that you think should be included in next week’s round-up? Send an email to brittany@pixiebrix.com!

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