URL Shortener With PixieBrix

Hi everyone,

I don’t really like working with long, confusing URLs, like those related to internal tools and docs. Sharing long URLs floods the screen or chat window, which makes them pretty inconvenient to deal with.

To solve this problem, I used PixieBrix to build a URL shortener extension, and I integrated with Rebrandly, which is a link management platform, to shorten URLs. The extension displays the shortened URL in a pop up window. At the same time, this shortened URL is copied to your clipboard. You can paste and share it wherever you want.

Since adopting this at PixieBrix, I’ve saved quite a bit of time finding and sharing URLs.


Feel free to check it out in the PixieBrix Marketplace. By simply Right-clicking on any web page, you can shorten its URL!

Let me know if you have any questions!