Universal Timeline with some categories and actions - request for dev time / consultant

Hello - I am looking to establish a working relationship with someone who can use a tool like Pixiebrix and other automation softwares and quickly tie them together - particularly for the purpose of some cool data visualization and recall.

The first thing I was thinking is that it’d be cool to find a tool that could scrape history from Hubspot, LinkedIn, FB, etc. - pages I’m on - and put dates it finds and information they are related to into a timeline view. I’m trying to see how I could use pixiebrix to normalize information across the internet.

I’d also like to build a way to automate some basic subscriptions to RSS or other social feeds - it’d be cool to set up something so that I got an RSS feed update on a timeline when a response to this - or other conversations on this and other platforms would appear on the timeline.

Another thing I’d like to do with the timeline is use it on Wikipedia pages to display information.

Beyond the timeline - I’m interested in someone who can help me build a light CRM that sits on top of a spreadsheet and allows for creating proposals from that spreadsheet information and a sequence of actions related to those things being automated from a LinkedIn click. I have a lot of ideas around this - and really want someone widely skilled in automations like this that can build a set of features that help me track my efforts and instantly build connections.

^^ all of these could then have additional and useful effects for my clients - small businesses that often get pulled into the SaaS trap of choosing between a bunch of closed source solutions they don’t understand - rather than building useful tools or using a marketplace. Y’all have a great vision! Would love to help any devs interested in this find work and have some direction that is valuable.


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Copying from an email to @mike that inspired him to invite me into the community. Thanks Mike.

“I got the demo using LinkedIn to search and open Crunchbase running! That was awesome. Very smooth.

I resonate with the mission of Pixiebrix:

"We’re building PixieBrix because we believe three things:

  1. There is no such thing as an “average user”
  2. Everyone should be empowered to customize their software to give them superpowers
  3. Computing should be delightful"

The project I am working on is a time management application with a unique UX paradigm based in time data visualizations and pop up boxes (similar to the ones shown here where its draggable https://imba.io/).

The aim is to have it be a universal chat / messaging interface using Matrix.org (another open source project!) and have a documentation editor / interface similar to notion using Outline (https://www.getoutline.com/) or something similar. Within these more standard tools - which through bridges and integrations I hope users can work with any tools freelancers or small businesses currently rely on.

The power of this tool would be very much extended if it could promote the use and knowledge of Pixiebrix (and other accessible programming tools like Budibase (https://www.budibase.com/)).

I hope that helps and happy to share more if you’re interested. Our current goal use case for a Pixiebrix integration is that we could use it to send data to the timeline AND quickly build a form / chat bot interface on Matrix that would then use that data to go to websites and send data - to save time using RPA.

Is this something you think Pixiebrix could do and be trained at scale? I’m non-technical but have a budget and am looking to get people I can trust as advisors and technical partners who are working in open source as well.”

If anyone in the community resonates with this please let me know. Cheers! This is a much bigger vision but I think the above ideas in the original post represent the more reasonable short term goals and learning opportunities.

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