This Week in PixieBrix - Feb 3rd, 2023

:tada: Product Updates

We released 1.17.18! Check out the release notes or … skim the highlights!

  • New :brick: Bricks
    • Scroll Element Into View Brick
    • Toggle Quick Bar
  • :brick: Brick Updates
    • Display Temporary Information shows in sidebar, modal, OR popover on an element, and lets you resolve the panel with a result from a button
    • Custom Form now has the ability to customize the submit button text, and adds an auto-save option
    • HTTP Request add a quick fix for granting permissions for API call
    • :rotating_light:HTTP Get is now deprecated! Make sure to use HTTP Request instead.
  • :bug: Bug Fixes
    • Runtime: for some users, PixieBrix doesn’t run on new tabs until they reload the tab
  • :atom_symbol: Experimental Features
  • Check out the Dynamic Quick Bar Extension point, as well as the Add Quick Bar Action Brick. Handy way make your Quick Bar, well, dynamic! You can search or create specific actions based on the content you type in your Quick Bar action.

:muscle: Jump In


  • Activate the new Scoring Sidebar! It’s a great way to get comfortable with Team Deployments. Walkthrough on how to customize for your use case and share with your team is in the Marketplace Listing description, but you can always post in here or in Slack if you need help!
  • Researchers, need to quickly search Google Scholar? Activate this blueprint to Search Highlighted Text in Google Scholar

:brain: Learning


Are you using the Quick Bar to trigger your blueprints? If not, you might want to check it out. You can enable keyboard shortcuts that do all sorts of things… from send messages, create cards, open new tabs, and more! Learn more here.

To start using the Quick Bar, you’ll need to set up your keyboard shortcut settings for PixieBrix. In your browser, go to chrome://extensions and open the hamburger menu on the left side. Then select “Keyboard shortcuts”. Search for PixieBrix and you’ll see the option to set the shortcut for toggle quick bar.

:radio: Stay Tuned

  • Next week we’re talking about … Trello! If you’re an enthusiast like me, you’re going to love all the blueprints, demos, and new content coming your way. If you’ve built something with PixieBrix and Trello, please share it here and il
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