Release 1.7.2: undo in text configuration fields

Release 1.7.2 now available in the Chrome Web Store!

After a brief hiatus for our team all-hands in NYC :statue_of_liberty::apple:, we’re back to our regular extension release cadence!

Release 1.7.2 is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Release notes are available here: Release 1.7.2

:sparkles: Enhancements

  • Show log-in instructions in sidebar if not authenticated (#3816)
  • Add brick type validation to nested branches/body in control-flow bricks (#3832)
  • Warn on unsupported use of renderer in control-flow brick, multiple renderers, etc (#3815)
  • Support for Ctrl-Z in text fields in Page Editor (#3729)

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Fix enter key behavior on blueprint search on blueprints screen (#3879)
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