Release 1.5.3 - read all tables, disable/enable elements, use markdown in form descriptions

Release 1.5.3 is now available in the Chrome Web Store

Release notes are available at: Release 1.5.3


:brick: New Bricks

  • @pixiebrix/table-reader-all to read all the tables from the page (#2509)
  • @pixiebrix/enable , and @pixiebrix/disable bricks to enable/disable elements on the page (#2566)

:sparkles: Enhancements

  • Add support for Markdown (including links) in Form Builder form descriptions (#2522)
  • Trigger extension points now support an “initialize” trigger (#2584)
  • “Interval” triggers now includes option to run even when the tab is not active (#2583)
  • Click the “Ask a Question” button in the Page Editor to connect with a PixieBrix team member (#2591)

:art: User Interface

  • Move the brick Copy and Delete button to the extension overview (#2553)
  • Always show icon next to custom Quick Bar entries (#2577)
  • Always show custom Quick Bar entries at the top of the Quick Bar (#2576)

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • The Quick Bar would not open if nothing was selected on the page (#2575)
  • Could not add bricks that made requests as actions in the document builder (#2578)
  • Fix input configuration for dynamic schemas for UiPath and Automation Anywhere (#2593)
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