Release 1.5.0 - Field Toggling, Interactive Panels, and Quick Bar

:partying_face: We’re thrilled to announce the release of PixieBrix 1.5.0! This updates the brick runtime, which along with other enhancements:

  1. New ways of interacting with bricks
  2. Simplified Page Editor authorship experience

See the full release notes here: Release 1.5.0

New Release

I’d like to call out a few highlights:

:brick: Page Editor Field Toggling

To configure brick inputs, each input field now has a toggle to control how to pass data to it: variable, text template, or value.

For text templating, we’ve switched to using Nunjucks in the Page Editor. Nunjucks simplifies connecting the outputs and inputs of bricks, with support for conditionals and text transformations.

:door: Interactive Panel Builder (Preview)

You can now embed interactive panels into web pages using the Render Document brick.

Interactive Panels open a wide array of opportunities for augmenting and enhancing web pages and apps. As an example, check out this Demo Video that shows how to build a Sidebar Panel that displays IT troubleshooting content. The panel includes a button to generate GitHub issues pre-populated with the information

:sparkles: Quick Bar (Preview)

The Quick Bar enables triggering PixieBrix using Cmd-K (Mac), Ctrl-K (Windows), or another keyboard shortcut of your choice). Along with Context Menus, the Quick Bar is a great extension point for actions available across pages.

The Quick Bar is available on pages PixieBrix has permissions to access. To configure a global shortcut for the PixieBrix Quick Bar, visit chrome://extensions/shortcuts and configure the “Toggle quick bar” command:

Migrating extensions built in 1.4.X:

Existing extensions will continue to work without modification.

If you open an extension created with 1.4.X in the Page Editor, PixieBrix will automatically migrate the extension to the new runtime version. When you save the extension, PixieBrix will save the extension using the new runtime version.

We expect extensions you created in the Page Editor after our 1.4.0 release (October 4th) to be migrated automatically with no issues. If you encounter any issues, we’re happy to help with the migration. Just reply here or email

For more info on the change, please see our 1.5.0 migration documentation page

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