Release 1.4.6 - Published to the Chrome Web Store on 11/9/2021

Release 1.4.6 is now available in the Chrome Web Store!

This is also the first web store release that contains content from the 1.4.5 release (which was not published due to a bug in handling certain root block configuration directives)

Release notes:

:sparkles: Enhancements

  • Set the values of editable divs (e.g., in chat windows) using the @pixiebrix/form-fill and @pixiebrix/forms/set bricks
  • Set conditions and window target in the Page Editor
  • Custom options in Page Editor for the @pixiebrix/data/get and @pixiebrix/data/put bricks

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Fix “No handler for RUN_BLOCK was registered in the receiving end” in multi-page flows
  • Fix element selection for Trigger target in Page Editor
  • Avoid duplicate script injection on websites