Release 1.4.11 - read the HTML of the page

Release 1.4.11 published in the Chrome Web Store

We’ve published release 1.4.11 to the Chrome Web Store. This release includes a lot of prep work for our upcoming 1.5.0 release, but also contains improvements you can start using now:

See the full release notes here: Release Notes

:brick: New Bricks

  • @pixiebrix/html/read for reading the DOM HTML of the document or current element (#2082)
  • @pixiebrix/parse-date brick that takes a human readable date and parses it into UTC and local time formats (#2033)

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Isolate notification style from page and put in middle of page (#2169)
  • Fix bug where you couldn’t re-save blueprint you already saved in the Page Editor (#2162)

:sparkles: Enhancements

  • Grey the extensions icon when the extension is loading/initializing (#2089)
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