Release 1.2.0 - Published to the Chrome Web Store on 7/12/2021

:brick: New Bricks

  • @pixiebrix/sidebar/show and @pixiebrix/sidebar/hide for showing and hiding the sidebar (#643)

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Fix loading indicator style (#775)
  • Show vertical scroll on scope selection screen in Page Editor (#763)
  • Styles were not being injected into the host page (#727)

:sparkles: Improvements

  • Add support for using existing foundations in the Page Editor (#765)
  • Automatically open sidebar when adding via Page Editor (#757)
  • Add button to refresh service configs in Page Editor (#753)
  • Improve input validation and network error messages in brick logs (#751)
  • Improve jq compilation error reporting in brick logs (#771)
  • Show number of unread errors/warnings on Page Editor logs tab (#751)

:zap: Performance

  • Split icons into separate files to improve bundle load time (#461)
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Hello Todd,
I tried to find PixieBrix in the Google Chrome Web Store, but without success.
What is my failure?
Thanks and best regards

Hi @stefan-schnell! We currently don’t make the extension available in Chrome Web Store search results. Instead we prefer people to connect via first, as it provides a simpler onboarding flow and reduces the chances someone will install the wrong extension

If you prefer to visit/install view the Chrome Web Store directly, you can visit the listing directly at: