Obsidian / Roam Integrations

I’m interested in Obsidian - another open source text editor - and some of the use cases available through it. Using Pixiebrix with that could produce some really amazing open source information tracking systems. I’d love to support the building and direction of some custom use cases that could then be added to the market place it seems like Pixiebrix is building.

Some iFrames that hook into Obsidian could be cool for some websites. Also something that could make webpages into more linked network style items. So many cool ideas and I bet it would really stretch the imagination of both tools - which is really a cool idea.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi @GoodDeals, thanks for suggesting. I really like Roam but am less familiar with Obsidian. However, I was just checking out their homepage, and this quote resonated:

“In Obsidian, making and following connections is frictionless. Tend to your notes like a gardener; at the end of the day, sit back and marvel at your own knowledge graph.”

A use case that we’re focused on at PixieBrix is providing the ability to annotate webpages through our Simple Notes Form brick (see below). I like the idea of associating thoughts and ideas with the content that inspired them.

Happy to type up a tutorial or share more if you’re interested in exploring.

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@GoodDeals For Obsidian, you might be able to use it’s URL Scheme feature to open/create notes: Obsidian:// URL Scheme Documentation? - Feature archive - Obsidian Forum

There’s an Obsidian plugin that supports more advanced URL schemes (E.g., for appending to notes, etc.): GitHub - Vinzent03/obsidian-advanced-uri: Advanced modes for Obsidian URI

I use URL schemes for integrating with my personal productivity system in Omnifocus and Drafts. We have documentation on working with URL Schemes in PixieBrix here: Integrating with Desktop Apps via Custom URL Schemes

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