Introductions - Product Design Lead

Howdy PixieBrix community!

I’m Brandon and wanted to introduce myself as a new member of the PixieBrix team. I’m going to be helping Corinne and the whole team at PixieBrix with design and UX as the Product Design Lead.

Love seeing all the ideas and feedback here from the community. Any time you have thoughts on the experience or usability of the product, let me know! I would love to hear from you.

Some stuff about me

  • :house_with_garden: Born and raised in Dallas, but currently reside in Detroit, MI
  • :paintbrush: My career has covered problem spaces from consume mobile apps, to employee enterprise tools, to web3 and crypto currency solutions. I’ve been a part of in-house teams, agencies, and most recently an innovation accelerator
  • :dog: Just found out my doggo is larger than average: a 75lb Goldendoodle monster named Comet

Looking forward to seeing all of the cool stuff y’all are building with PixieBrix!

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Welcome to the team @Brandon!

We’re thrilled to have you on the team! I look forward to further building this amazing product together!

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