Input data with breaks

Hey there, I need to use the set input value block to add text with breaks in a textarea, any idea how to do that?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @fernando,

Thanks for the question. We looked into it and it’s currently not possible. I’ve opened up a ticket and we plan to get support for it out next week’s release: Support setting multi-line values in textareas · Issue #1714 · pixiebrix/pixiebrix-extension · GitHub

I’ll follow up here once it’s available


Thanks for the answer.

If you are really up for it, actually, I think it will be better to be able to insert rich text.

I’m thinking on filling out text areas with links, bold, bullets, etc.


Are there any sites in particular you’re working with?

Many text areas don’t support rich formatting. (Although we could potentially handle bullets using emoji or special characters •.)

That being said, sites that do support rich formatting often use the same widgets, so we could go far by adding support for the most popular widgets.

It all started with the line breaks, so that would be enough.

I’ve checked some sites and there is no way to add links or bolds, although it would be an option. Maybe having a dedicated block where you can write down and style the code for later plug this into another block? Just thinking.

Hi @fernando, just a quick update on line breaks. The feature is planned to be included in our 1.4.8 release which should go out over the weekend or Monday

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Hey, I’m trying to make this work, I can’t be able to type in the block, now the option for typing is gone, I can only send true or false statements to the form.

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Same Issue. I was trying to set a text box to different things based on buttons, but I searched everywhere looking for some way to set it using a different brick to no avail.

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Hi @HaveFun, thank you for your patience! Didn’t realize I had responded to fernando over direct message

We’ve implemented support for multi-line text in the next version of PixieBrix that will be released early next week. I’ll respond here when that becomes available

If you we having problems with text entry (because of the bug where it’d show a toggle instead of a text box), we fixed that in this week’s release. You can find instructions for triggering an update here

Let me know if there’s anything I can help out with, or any other features you’d like to see!

Hi @fernando and @HaveFun, PixieBrix Version 1.4.10 was just released in the CWS, which introduces support for multi-line values in the Page Editor. You should be good to go!

Check out these instructions on Updating PixieBrix to make sure you have the latest version.

Feel free to reach back out if you need any help! Cheers

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Will have a look, thanks a lot.

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Thanks, its fixed and my block will work now.
Sorry about the late reply, pixiebrix is being marked as junk a lot by my email.

Hi @HaveFun, glad to hear everything’s working!
Re: PixieBrix being marked as junk, we’re looking into that now. Thanks for flagging. Cheers