I created an impulse buy calculator with PixieBrix!


I’m so bad at going on amazon and finding things I want and just buying things without really thinking much about it. So I built an impulse buy calculator with PixieBrix!

It removes the “add to cart” and “buy” buttons on an item on amazon, and shows another button that asks “should i buy this?” it then brings up a modal with three checkbox items asking me to confirm if I’m okay with this. The two things it calculates are:

  1. how many hours (based on my hourly rate) i have to work to pay for this item (price / hourlyrate)
  2. the opportunity cost - how many of another item i could get instead of buying this (i like Starbucks, and avg cost is about $5, so it calculates price / avgCostOfStarbucks )

Only if i check both of those boxes does it re-enable the add to cart button.

If i don’t check both of those boxes, then it throws confetti, congratulates me for saving money, and gives me the option to create a card with this item in Trello so i can think about it and maybe buy it again later when it’s not such an impulse.


I am using this at least once a day! It’s really helpful!


Thank you for building this Britt! Very educational and creative use of PixieBrix. I can’t wait to share this with a couple of friends who spend way too much money on delivered goods!