Hi everyone! I'm a recent PixieBrix convert 👋

Just wanted to write a quick post introducing myself! My name is Brittany Joiner, and I’m a software engineer at Elastic, but I’m also a fan of PixieBrix and I’m working with the team to create some more content about ways to use PixieBrix! You’ll see me around in here quite a bit, so just wanted to introduce myself so you could put a face to the name.

I live in Louisiana. I love to travel. I’m a huge Trello nerd. Oh, and I used to work in marketing, but over the last couple of years pivoted to a more technical career path, so now I’m a developer!

I like using PixieBrix because to me it fills a void I’m sometimes missing in other automation tools, like Zapier. While Zapier can do a lot of things, sometimes I want 80% automation with like a 20% tweak of customization, and PixieBrix lets me make that customization and THEN automate, rather than having to either design a complex system to let me automate it all or having to do it all manually. Best of both worlds!

Some of my favorite extensions are sending links to Trello and sending links to Slack channels (post about how I do that coming soon!)

Hit me up with your PB questions and ideas and I’ll see if I can build them and write about it!

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Hi @britt_joiner! Excited to see the different ways you’re using PixieBrix, and to build and grow together. Cheers!

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Hi @britt_joiner! Welcome to this great community. Looking forward for your content :smile: