Error in jQuery Selector Reader

I am trying to insert a button that, once clicked, reads a webpage with jQuery Selector Reader.

I have created several properties in the output variable @data. It was working properly but now I am recieving the following error: “Multiple elements found for selector. To return a list of values, supply multi=true”,

After that I am forwarding all properties to a Google Sheet and it also works properly.

Thank you very much in advance

HI @Pepe - Thanks for asking the question about multiple elements for 1 selector.
First of all let me ask you, is this page available for me to see - that way I can help better. If yes, what is the name of the button you’re trying to get?

About the error:

That means that when you’re using the jQuery Selector Reader there are multiple matches for the same element.

Imagine having 3 buttons on 1 page
<button class="myButton"...
<button class="myButton"...
<button class="myButton"...

…and you tell the jQuery brick to target one button by class “.myButton” - this creates confusion to the brick as all of the three buttons use the same .class - so which one will PixieBrix select?

This is where nth-of-type can come handy as a CSS selector, more information here: :nth-of-type() - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

You can perhaps use it as:
button:nth-of-type(2) {...
to target the 2nd button from the 3

Hope this helps!

Hi Orlando, glad to see you again.

Unfortunately you cannot access the web as it is professional-only access.

I have been checking the web I am trying to read and you are right, it has two classes with the same name.

I am accessing through data-original-title (as other form controls I am reading have different names), but I guess I won’t be able to read this one. At least I can read the others…

Thank you very much and best regards!

Hola Pepe,

Can you try this for me and tell me if it works?
div:contains(EXP ATR.:) > input

happy Saturday!

It works!! Thank you very much Orlando!!