Create a YouTube Comment Template with PixieBrix

I’m starting to up my YouTube livestream game, and to my (very happy) surprise, I’m getting people commenting on my video!! While that’s AMAZING, I am realizing how time consuming it can be to type up a comment to each person, but I also want to make sure I’m always addressing them.

Of course since you heard the words “time consuming”, you knew I was about to show you how to automate it with PixieBrix :wink:

Good news - it’s super easy.

Step 1: Enable PixieBrix on YouTube

You’ll see the option to do this as soon as you open your inspector and go to “PixieBrix” from a YouTube page.

Step 2: Add a context brick

I prefer to use a context menu, but you could easily create a button (just click Add Button instead of Add context menu, then use the selector to pick a button you’d want it to look like, such as the “Reply” button or the “Cancel” button next to a comment.)

Just add the context brick, and rename your brick to whatever you’d like! I choose YouTube Templates. Make sure to update the “action” text, as this is what your button will say.


Step 3: Add a sidebar / form brick

This brick lets you set up a form. I used it to create a list of templated message options that I could choose from to inject in the reply. (In the next step.) Just edit the field type from “single line text” to “dropdown”, and then click the blue plus button to add as many options as you want!

Just one more brick, then you’re good to go!

Almost Done! Step 4: Add the “Set Input Value Brick”

Now, just add one final brick for injecting your form input into your text field.

To do this, just add an item. For the selector, you’ll just need to add [contenteditable], and assuming you didn’t change the output name of the previous form brick, and you used the same message name for the field that I did, you’ll update value with @form.message.

Should look like this.

And viola! You’re good to go! Any time you want to add more templates, just come back to your options and you can add more, remove, or edit the text in currently set ones.


If you have any problems making it works, try this:

  • Make sure for your input value on the final brick you are referencing whatever is in the output box of the form, and whatever the name of the field is. If you follow my example, it should be @form.message, but check to see what is showing up there if you have any issues
  • Make sure to actually have a reply box open (aka, you’ve clicked “Reply” on a comment). If you don’t, then it won’t show up.
  • If you have multiple reply boxes open, it will populate in all of them. The ideal workflow would be to see a comment, click the “reply” button, trigger your PixieBrix action either via context menu or button, select your text, adjust and hit reply. Then go to the next comment.

If you’d prefer to watch, here’s a video demoing how it works and step by step guide to setting it up.


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I too have a YouTube channel, this looks really useful to quickly get answers to people who are being nice or ask the same question over and over!
Thank you for sharing

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