Announcing the PixieBrix Content Bounty!

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Got the idea from Atlassian’s community team, and we wanted to try something similar with our crew!

We know there are a lot of you who like to build things with PixieBrix and have fun solving a variety of use cases and answering user questions. (Guilty as charged :raising_hand_woman:) We appreciate you and know that can be fun but also time consuming, so we want to guide your puzzle solving and also say thanks for your time! To pair your skills with questions we find, we’re creating the PixieBrix Content Bounty program!

Here’s how it works.

  1. PixieBrix team will post topics and use cases that we get asked about and that we think PixieBrix can handle, and a bounty prize that solving that is worth. (Prize is Amazon gift cards to say thanks for your time!)
  2. You’ll look through these and pick one (or more!) that seem interesting to you. Just add yourself to the card.
  3. When you do that, it will be moved to Claimed . Please comment on the card within 3 days of claiming it to ensure that you’re planning to work on it! (We don’t want people to claim topics and then forget about them while others are looking for things to solve!)
  4. Once you’ve created a PixieBrix extension that solves the use case, move the card to Posted and share a link to your solution. (Just comment in the Trello card or attach a link!)
  5. PixieBrix team will review the solutions for accuracy and quality, and pending approval, you’ll be rewarded for your bounty!

If you’re ready to get started, join the Trello board and pick your first bounty!


  • Can I do more than one at a time? Yes! We just ask that you keep us updated by commenting in the Trello cards.
  • Do i have to pay to use Trello? Nope! It’s absolutely free. You can join Trello and the content bounty board via this link, and the board explains exactly how to pick a card and navigate! If you get stuck, you can always reach out to us in the content-bounty channel in the Slack Community.
  • I’m working on a use case but I’m stuck! No worries, we’ll help you out! Post in the PixieBrix Slack Community - any channel - and the team will reach out to help you come up with ideas or problem solve any pieces you’re stuck on!
  • What if I claim one then change my mind? It happens! Just comment in the card and let us know or remove yourself from the card, and we’ll move it back to the bounties for someone else to claim.
  • Is there a deadline to complete it by after I’ve claimed it? We don’t have a hard and fast deadline that you need to complete it by, but if you can post a comment every couple of days to let us know if you’re still interested and working on it/planning to work on it, that would be great! If we don’t hear from you for a couple days, we’ll try to reach out and see if you’re still planning to work on it, and if we don’t hear from you, we’ll remove you and allow someone else to claim it. As long as you’re communicating with us, there’s no due date to complete it by!

Want to see a demo? Watch to see how it works!

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