A warm welcome ✨

Hi folks,

I wanted to share a quick note to announce that I am joining the PixieBrix team and will be working on everything related to community, developers and overall growth!

About me

I’m a software developer by trade but I learned a lot in my career about community and growth - I am on Github

  • :earth_asia: I live in Texas
  • :speech_balloon: My stack is JavaScript or Python
  • :mailbox: Reach out on social media: Twitter
  • :headphones: I love metal and punk music
  • :zap: Fun fact: I speak 5 languages fairly well - guess which ones :wink:

Glad to be part of this growing community, I can’t wait to grow it together with your help :muscle:
Developer Relations, Growth


Welcome to the team @orlando!

Welcome! Looking forward to working together!