429 errors on nearly every request

Just signed up for a PixieBrix account, and currently can’t do much because almost every request sent out by the website and the Chrome extension get 429 errors with popups like in these screenshots. The first is the web app, the second is the Chrome extension:

This might be a bug in the rate limiting. Waiting a few minutes and trying again just increases the “expected available” time.

Hi @tal apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for reporting. We’re looking into this internally and will follow up with a resolution likely on Monday. If anything changes in the meantime, feel free to let us know here. Thanks

@mike Just tried again and I’m getting a different set of errors now:

Hey thanks for submitting this! I’ll get in touch with the team and make sure we take a look.

Hi Tal,

Sorry to hear you ran into problems. From our logs (I’m not seeing anything for your user id), it looks like there’s likely an issue with the authentication between the Browser Extension and PixieBrix

If you visit: https://app.pixiebrix.com/ (and login if you’re not already), do you see the following: and Open Extension Console button and a version 1.7.16?

If so, please click the Open Extension Console button and let me know if the error you encountered still appears


I do, and when I click I see this error message:

Hi @tal, would you able to hop on a quick screen share this week? We’re still not able to see any error telemetry associated with your account. My email is todd@pixiebrix.com

You could also try uninstalling the extension and re-installing it. We have a couple cases of corrupted Chrome Extension installs in the past


It seems uninstalling and reinstalling with 1.7.17 fixed it